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The Travel Managers is a company based in Kolkata having on their board an experienced Doctor and a group of Doctors as their associates. The Travel Managers have designed a quality care package to support Clients living in other cities of India & abroad. These services are extended to them to look after their Parents and family members back in Kolkata. We at The Travel Managers lend a helping hand and assist the client in taking care of the elderly & their parents.

Our care methods involve detailed initial assessment (which involves a token cost). Our team of Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Helpers in conjunction with the family/immediate family members refer to this assessment and then detail out the best quality care for our clients. The plan lays out specific services that will be provided to them. Based on the plan, we decide what is best suited to their needs.

We provide two kinds of yearly packages under our method of care:

  • Continuous Checkups – This package aims at ensuring that the health condition of the client is monitored efficiently and regularly so that health issues are detected as early as possible and acted upon accordingly.
  • Close Monitoring – This service package is for clients who have an existing medical condition for which a closer and more frequent check is required. This helps to identify any change in the health condition faster so that measures can be taken. It is an extensive package designed for clients with serious ailments.

Both packages include: Regular Registered Nurse visits and Calls, Regular Doctor visits, Dietician visit, Access to Electronic Medical Records, Annual Medical Health Check-up in one of our associated Hospitals and Nursing homes, Regular telephone check-ups so that we are in constant touch with our clients.

The medical team communicates with you regularly via telephone / email. We provide you with well-documented assessments. For more information we would be glad to speak with you anytime.

Depending on your needs, we can provide personnel who will assist you and your family for continuous care (24 hours). We have our own transport and our personnel are available 24 hours X 365 days. We are in partnership with several medical laboratories and our technicians visit the house to draw blood samples and collect urine/stool samples. The reports are delivered to the Doctor who in turn advises medicines/ treatment at home or as required. Visits are also made by our Nurses and Physiotherapists. During the visit, the nurse might do a general assessment of the patient, his/her prognosis and perform some procedures like administer medication (injections), wound dressing, change catheter/ Ryle’s Tube, etc. Continuous care is provided either at the hospital or the home. You can contact us for more information on how we can meet your individual needs.

Care Provided at Home: Home care is supportive care provided at home. It is provided by licensed healthcare professionals & includes medical care, rehabilitative assistance & daily support such as grooming, bathing, fixing meals and laundry. Home Care can be provided to all adults as per your requirement.

Home Based Hospice Care: Hospice care focuses on the treatment of a chronically or terminally ill or seriously ill patient and attending to their emotional and spiritual needs.

Health Care Supplemental Staffing: The Travel Managers provides contract, temporary, and permanent staff to clients with specific requirements. We provide health care personnel in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.

SERVICES AVAILABLE: Skilled nursing care, Physical therapy, Medical social services, Medical supplies, etc. Travel assistance: doctor’s appointment, bank, post office, payment of telephone/electricity bills, etc. Psychological counselling, etc. For members long distance travel assistance (T&C apply), Car rentals, etc. Handyman, household maintenance, bathroom leak, broken light / fan, Geyser repair, etc.

MEDICAL SERVICES: Emergency Services (Ambulance), Monthly In-home Doctor’s visit, Quarterly home visit by Geriatric Specialist, Physiotherapy, Regular health monitoring (BP, Glucose), Post-operative care / rehabilitation, Nutrition advice, Help with understanding, prescriptions / medical reports, health insurance policies, etc. Affiliation with well-known Hospitals & nursing centres in Kolkata, Affiliation with well-known Kolkata diagnostic centres for all diagnostic tests with in-home sample collection where possible.

The Travel Managers Health Care Professionals Include: Registered nurses, Medical Care Taker, Physical and or Occupational therapists.

Contact The Travel Managers for Transportation and Assistance for Physician Appointments Blood Tests & various other laboratory tests, X-Rays, MRI, CT Scans, Purchase Medicines, Counselling, etc.

Errand Services for Seniors – Pay telephone, Electricity bills and run local errands

Activities – Transportation to restaurants, shopping, church, Mandir, theatres, concerts, etc.