Medical Tourism

For the past few years, India has become the preferred destination for medical treatment. Patients from many parts of the world visit India to avail the benefits of affordable treatment with world-class facilities.

We have a list of several well-planned treatment packages. Furnished below is the list of treatment packages offered by us. We are associated with well known Medical Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Kolkata that are known for offering impeccable and efficient healthcare services.

In comparison to western countries, the patient can get affordable medical treatment in India along with use of state-of the-art technology, treatment at trusted hospitals, services of expert doctors, surgeons, other medical staff, quality infrastructure and special personalized care.

You can also get expert opinion through us about the treatments, surgeries and stay of the patient in India. As per the patient’s convenience, we can also plan a detailed itinerary for his/her stay in Kolkata including pre and post operative meetings with doctors, appointment for surgery, etc.